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Bellin Ivory Hand-Woven woolen Rug

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Regular Price: $1,333.00
13.40 KGS
  • Home Decor Accessory: Add this versatile area rug for modern living space. The thick wool rug is designed to give an aesthetic appeal to any flooring. It has thick layering to give a warm welcome in café, hotels, and campers.
  • Statement Style: The rug runner is excellent to flaunt your personal interior décor style in living area, bedroom, study, or business space. It has fine unkempt look that perfectly resembles floor tiling. Give your space warm layer for under-feet comfort.
  • Hand-woven Wool Rug: The use of thick layers of wool makes dining area rug excellent for family banquets in traditional homes. It is also fit for use in living room, kids’ room, or lounge. Go for a garden sunbath by placing it on lawn-bench.
  • Modern Gift Rug: This gift rug for wedding and festivals is perfect present to please anyone. Gift it to friends, relatives, and colleagues to strengthen your bond and get heartwarming blessings.

Bellin area rug for luxurious lifestyle has fine shaggy layers. It is excellent to give your feet extended comfort during winters. The versatile rug can be used in study, bedroom, living area, or children’s room. It can be customized for any temporary need. Carry it for your nature picnics or camping nearby. It is good to go with your porch benches for an afternoon nap. The rug has hand-woven rich textures to complement any modern living space. The grey and ivory patterns make the living area rug versatile for use with any furniture and floor. Keep the rug tidy and away from damaging objects to enjoy a plush lifestyle for long time.

Something that makes a statement, without going OTT? You've come to the right place. Look a little closer at Bellin’s grey and ivory hand-woven wool rich texture. So luxurious, but so unexpected. It'll look right at home next to your modern furniture.

About The Brand:

Zilpa - A Sustainable Home Decor Brand that has always prioritized sustainability and environmental impact to create an eco-friendly oasis for you and your loved ones!

Synonymous with dedication, commitment, and quality, Zilpa has set a benchmark with the beautiful, unusual, and antique Home Décor items. The most unique factor that brings Zilpa under the spotlight is how intelligently and cautiously the brand uses waste jeans material, recycled plastic bottles, and a massive amount of recycled products to create environmental-friendly masterpieces, each one, an epitome of sustainability. 

Setting the highest standards of craftsmanship, Zilpa has carved a niche in the international domain with the diverse range of Cushions, Rugs, Ottomans, and other intricately designed authentic home décor items. Each product is sustainably made, built to last, and is perfect for creating a visual impact while adding a unique flair to the mindful home. Responsibly sourced raw materials are hand-picked by veteran craftsmen, artisans, and designers, from across cultures and continents. Our team of knowledgeable craftsmen has honed their skills over time while keeping the centuries-old traditional skills alive to bring forth the elegance and enduring beauty that is accessible to every home. 


162.00 Centimeters
18.00 Centimeters
13.40 KGS
Material and Finish:
Premium wool with fine finish.
Product Specification:
Hand-woven rich texture.
Assembly and Care:
1. Use soft hand brush for cleaning. 2. Light Vacuum cleaning on regular basis can be done to avoid using beater brush. 3. Remove the spills immediately; simply blot the spilled liquid with a clean paper napkin or cloth.

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