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Furniture that will last a lifetime

Sustainability First

Building a Better World Together

Creating a better world is a shared task. It starts with conscious choices. Roomlane is part of this mission. Based in Melbourne,Roomlane isn't just about furniture; it's a lifestyle choice, a commitment to sustainability. It’s not just about furniture. It is about conscious material selection. Materials matter.We believe the essence of a piece lies not just in its design, but also its origin. Australian timber and Indian timber are the prime examples. Every piece counts. Ethical practices aren’t a bonus, they are a must. Roomlane upholds these principles. Our decisions shape our planet. Choose Roomlane! Choose sustainability! Together, we can build a better world! Choose Roomlane, choose sustainability

choose sustainability

Sustainable Aussie Timber

Sustainability First” defines Roomlane’s ethos. Rooted in Melbourne, we’ve chosen Australian timber for our furniture. This local resource aligns with our mission: creating beautiful, lasting pieces while caring for our planet. It’s not just timber, it’s our commitment to sustainability. Mindful sourcing and responsible design is our priority. At Roomlane, we recognize that our decisions affect our environment. That’s why we choose sustainable Aussie timber. It’s a statement of quality and care for our planet. With Roomlane, you’re not just buying furniture, you’re investing in a sustainable future.

Eco-Friendly Indian Timber:

Sustainability First" continues to guide Roomlane's choices. We're proud to embrace Indian timber, specifically Mango and Acacia, in our furniture. These timbers underscore our commitment to quality and sustainability, connecting global resources with our local Melbourne spirit. It's not just about wood; it's about a deep-rooted dedication to our planet. With Roomlane, we recognize that every choice impacts our environment. That's why we select sustainable Indian Mango and Acacia wood. When you opt for Roomlane, you're not simply investing in furniture, but pledging support for a future where sustainability is the norm.


Hand crafted Home Decor

Sustainability First" is the spirit that Roomlane carries into our range of home decor. We celebrate the skilled artisans of India who handcraft our items using recycled materials. These pieces  exemplify  traditional craftsmanship and environmental consciousness, echoing our mission of sustainability. It's more than just home decor - it's a symbol of our pledge to a move towards a greener planet. When you choose Roomlane, you're making more than a design statement; you're embracing a vision of a world embracing sustainable practices.