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Adachi Modern Diamond Patterned Rug

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Regular Price: $684.00
5.40 KGS

Adachi area rug is modern addition to revamp any flooring. The rug gives a versatile choice for use in homes and business spaces. It is designed to give a prolonged protection to wooden and costly floors. Carry it for camping in forests or keep it beside couch to give a makeover to interior. The jeweled border rug is excellent for matching with similar color furniture. Rug is hand-woven in hemp and leather without addition of toxic chemicals. It is hypo-allergenic in construction. Carpet rug doesn’t cause any harm to environment after discarding. Keep it maintained with vacuum cleaner. It is constructed to offer a plush style choice for contemporary living. 

This hand woven Adachi rug is made of leather and hemp. This is a labour intensive rug which creates a unique look with its diamond patterns. It is an inexpensive range for a foundation of modern decorative styles. The leather and hemp will ensure this rug lasts you generations.

  • Home Decor Accessory: Unique in style, decorative area rug is woven in leather and hemp to give a nice finish to floor. The rug is lightweight and durable for long-lasting use in contemporary homes. It has diamond patterns with enhanced dimensions.
  • Leather & Hemp Rug: This hand-woven rug is made through intensive skills of experienced craftsmen. It is woven in leather and hemp to create unique jeweled diamond patterns in the center and with borders.
  • Sustainable Construction: The area rug for living room is woven with natural hemp and leather that is biodegradable. The rug gives a sustainable choice to modern home décor. It is inexpensive addition to last long at any floor.
  • Gift Rug: This bedroom area rug is excellent present for ceremonies and festivals. Present it to family members and close friends to make them feel more loved. The rug will be an evergreen reminder for them.

Product Specifications:

Natural Dark Brown
Material: Leather + Hemp
Size: 160 x 230 cm
Weight (KG): 7.84

About The Brand

Synonymous with dedication, commitment, and quality, Zilpa has set a benchmark with the beautiful, unusual, and antique Home Décor items. Setting the highest standards of craftsmanship, Zilpa has carved a niche in the international domain with the diverse range of Cushions, Rugs, Ottomans, and other intricately designed authentic home décor items. Each product is unique in itself and is perfect for creating a visual impact while adding a unique flair to your personal settings. Sourcing the best quality raw materials that are hand-picked by our veteran and highly skilled craftsmen, each and every product seems to be a masterpiece in itself and is sure to complement every décor. Our team of experienced craftsmen has honed their skills to bring forth the elegance and enduring beauty that is accessible to every home. We are dedicated to serving the length & breadth of the country and even beyond its shores!

162.00 Centimeters
18.00 Centimeters
5.40 KGS
Assembly and Care:
1. Use soft hand brush for cleaning. 2. Light Vacuum cleaning on regular basis can be done to avoid using beater brush. 3. Remove the spills immediately; simply blot the spilled liquid with a clean paper napkin or cloth.

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