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Sherwood Beautiful Striped Ottoman

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3.60 KGS

The beautiful striped Sherwood ottoman is so versatile. Perfect for a minimal home. This table-tufted ottoman is made of cotton. Its ivory and charcoal colour scheme and fluffy texture screams laid back! Now grab a seat and let's get comfy!

  • Decorative Pouffe: Give a tinge of perfection to your interior styling placing decorative Ottoman pouffe in bedroom, living, or dining area. The pouffe is designed to offer perfect rest for feet. It has exquisite design and cubical shape to match with interior.
  • Striped Pattern: The trendy striped patterns make bedroom footrest a multi-dimensional accessory for interior. The classy contrasting checkered weaves of pouf are superfine for luxury living style in hotels, homes, cafes, and campers.
  • Shaggy Pouffe: Indoor footrest pouffe is finely made from cotton weaves. It has shaggy construction for soft and warm feel during winter. The pouf is modern addition to enhance comfort for foot.
  • Perfect Gift: Decorative footrest is excellent present for friends and relatives. Gift this living area pouffe on wedding, anniversary, and birthdays to enhance bond of love with dear ones.

Sherwood living room pouf is elegant addition to living spaces. It has beautiful contrasting ivory and charcoal striped patterns that fits well with any kind of contemporary décor. Ottoman footrest is ideal to add dimension to bedroom, study, and porch with cubical shape. It has shaggy construction to offer a feeling of luxury living to urbane people. The foot stool can be kept in cafés, restaurants, and hotel deluxe rooms to get a chic makeover. The unique footrest is table tufted with cotton fabric. It requires less maintenance and can be easily cleaned with vacuum cleaner. Enjoy the fluffy texture to enhance comfort and rest for your feet.

About The Brand:

Zilpa - A Sustainable Home Decor Brand that has always prioritized sustainability and environmental impact to create an eco-friendly oasis for you and your loved ones!

Synonymous with dedication, commitment, and quality, Zilpa has set a benchmark with the beautiful, unusual, and antique Home Décor items. The most unique factor that brings Zilpa under the spotlight is how intelligently and cautiously the brand uses waste jeans material, recycled plastic bottles, and a massive amount of recycled products to create environmental-friendly masterpieces, each one, an epitome of sustainability. 

Setting the highest standards of craftsmanship, Zilpa has carved a niche in the international domain with the diverse range of Cushions, Rugs, Ottomans, and other intricately designed authentic home décor items. Each product is sustainably made, built to last, and is perfect for creating a visual impact while adding a unique flair to the mindful home. Responsibly sourced raw materials are hand-picked by veteran craftsmen, artisans, and designers, from across cultures and continents. Our team of knowledgeable craftsmen has honed their skills over time while keeping the centuries-old traditional skills alive to bring forth the elegance and enduring beauty that is accessible to every home. 

3.60 KGS
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