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Silma Ivory/Blue Decorative Ottoman

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3.00 KGS

The 'Silma' ottoman is hand made in cotton and denim. It is not only elegant to look but very resistant and durable to use. This Ivory/Blue coloured ottoman adds appeal and gracious feel to it. This is an ideal accent accessory for your home.

  • Decorative Pouf: Silma decorative poufe/pouffe is a luxury of Ottoman era that can be used at home, hotels, living room, bed room to give a vintage stylish look. It can be customized with chair or sofa with beautiful furniture work. Decorative patchwork pouf beautifully compliments traditional furniture with carvings.
  • Handcrafted Room Pouffe: Handcrafted pouffe looks charming with quirky design and beautifully denim and cotton patches in blue /ivory color. It is hand made by skilled craftsmen who masters in Ottoman patchwork pouf. It showcases the traditional technique and fabric patches, stitched together by hand to create this beautiful collage like effect.
  • Cotton & Denim Material: Patchwork pouf is made from cotton and denim patches, sewn together to give a long-lasting experience. You can dry clean it, but do not bleach or wash with hot water as it may ruin the beautiful patches of pouffe and discolor it. Enjoy limitless style with contemporary and traditional room decoration.
  • Unique Gift: Gifting Ottoman pouffe is a unique idea for friends and relatives, who loves to create an artistic space in their homes. Gift this to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving, housewarming parties, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Beautiful Ottoman style pouffe is a nice patchwork of cotton and denim. It is unique styling idea for bedroom, lounge, center room, or living room. You can combine it with any furniture but it especially looks chic with traditional and vintage setting. It is high skill hand woven work and have long-lasting color. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor cushion to cover them up in style and artistically, on chair, sofa, or bed. It is woven with cotton & denim with threads in a combination of filament denim wrapped with core thread cotton.

About The Brand:

Zilpa - A Sustainable Home Decor Brand that has always prioritized sustainability and environmental impact to create an eco-friendly oasis for you and your loved ones!

Synonymous with dedication, commitment, and quality, Zilpa has set a benchmark with the beautiful, unusual, and antique Home Décor items. The most unique factor that brings Zilpa under the spotlight is how intelligently and cautiously the brand uses waste jeans material, recycled plastic bottles, and a massive amount of recycled products to create environmental-friendly masterpieces, each one, an epitome of sustainability. 

Setting the highest standards of craftsmanship, Zilpa has carved a niche in the international domain with the diverse range of Cushions, Rugs, Ottomans, and other intricately designed authentic home décor items. Each product is sustainably made, built to last, and is perfect for creating a visual impact while adding a unique flair to the mindful home. Responsibly sourced raw materials are hand-picked by veteran craftsmen, artisans, and designers, from across cultures and continents. Our team of knowledgeable craftsmen has honed their skills over time while keeping the centuries-old traditional skills alive to bring forth the elegance and enduring beauty that is accessible to every home. 

3.00 KGS
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